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Pat Starnes

Northwest Rankin High School7

Flowood, MS | Rankin County

April 5, 2012

Diz schoool be da bom. I be up in hurr erryday wachin dem teachuhs yell at us, buh we hav fuhn.

November 10, 2009

NWRH is great about preparing the incoming freshmen, gettint them thinking ahead and knowing or figuring out what they want to attend college for and planning courses for that attainment!

Submitted by a parent

October 26, 2009

I want to let everyone know that Northwest Rankin High School is an amazing school. Also that the band participates in every activity that it is welcomed to. Yes every other extra ciricular activity has to pay for their stuff. But that still leaves little room for other students to talk about the 'closed minded band' is absolutly wrong. If people were to respect the band they would recieve more. The band is there for one purose and that is to entertain not to please the student section. And you can be in the band and be top notch for the past 2 years the band has 1 or more ladies on the homecoming court. I as a band member can say that we recieve no respect or appreciation from the student body. The acedemics are great but support for the band is poor.

Submitted by a student

August 30, 2009

My step son is now in the 9th grade at this school and in the band. I have read the reviews about the PAST experiences with being at this school and extracurricular activities and fund raising. Well a new day is dawning and several business's in the Flowood / Reservoir area are stepping up to the plate to support the school and extracurricular activities such as band, dance team, cheerleading, sports, show choir, etc. So get on board or get out of the way. You can see the glass as half empty or half full. From here on out it is getting more full every day!

Submitted by a parent

November 9, 2008

i recently graduated from northwest. Pertaining to the band: First of all, ALL extra curricular activities have to raise their own money. I personally know that cheerleaders and dance team have to do A LOT of fundraising to get money for camp, outfits, and competitions and STILL pay a lot for it. I also know from personal experience a lot of the band itself is very close minded and doesn't realize that they are a part of northwest and not just their own band thats there to bring home awards. They need to be more open to suggestions and feedback and maybe they would get more support. As for the members themself.. they seem to enjoy what they are doing a lot and seem very proud; so, yes, the northwest IS a good place if you enjoy being in hte band. not if you enjoy being the 'top notch' at northwest

Submitted by a student

November 9, 2008

If a student takes full advantage of hte opportunities at Northwest they will be WELL prepared for college life. I recently graduated from Northwest and wish I would have participated in more extra curriculars there. We had great extra curricular turn out the year i graduated: cheerleader state champs, dance team state champs, soccer state champs.. i think there was one more. The student body is by far the best in the state and most supportive. I believe the school's success is a mixture of faculty and student involvement and relationships.

Submitted by a student

September 27, 2008

We have graduated 3 kids from NWR. All 3 played in the band, one was all state for 3 years. All 3 were in the upper 20's and low 30's in ACT. Two have gone on to get their college degree with the 3rd in college now and doing well. And the oldest has a masters and now teaches at NWR. As to those who say don't go to NWR if you want to play in the band because you have to spend of a lot money on band; unfortunatley that is the norm in any public school in Mississippi rather than the exception. We had at least one kid in the band for 12 years and my wife was treasurer of the band boosters for 7 years; so we know of which we speak. The bottom line is that it is easy to find things wrong. Look for the good.

Submitted by a parent

August 12, 2007

I graduated from NWR four years ago, and I just graduated from college with honors. I can easily say Northwest prepared me well for college. I took mostly honors/advanced/AP classes my junior and senior years and that's probably why I was so prepared. Having been challenged academically in those classes, I was given the luxury to breeze through many of my college courses. I helped my college classmates who had graduated from supposedly superior schools such as Prep and JA. I believe Northwest has a lot to offer as a school, but it is up to the student to reap the benefits.

Submitted by a former student

July 1, 2007

I am responding to the concern that NWR lacks support for the band but gives financial support to other sports, cheerleading and dance team. My daughter cheered for NWR for 6 years and my son played football, baseball, and soccer. Please know that no sport receives significant financial assistance from the school. As a state funded institution, there is just not enough money to fund the extracurricular sports. The cheerleading and dance team had fund raisers in order to participate in competitions. We bought our own uniforms and provided our own transportation to games. The baseball, football and soccer team also has fundraisers to support their teams and the booster clubs provide much needed financial support. The band is not being 'left out'; all activities suffer from lack of funding. The band does a great job and they fortunate to have concessions. We are all in this together.

Submitted by a parent

March 22, 2007

On the surface, the campus...extracurricular activities...NWRHS is great. But, when it comes to substantive classroom instruction, I'm concerned. I don't think my child is being prepared to compete, academically. I received my secondary education in a smaller, much poorer district in the delta in the 1970s. When I got to college, I was WELL prepared. When I ask my son about topics I feel should be in the common body of knowledge for today's high school student, the response I usually get is, 'They haven't taught us that.' I've reviewed his notes. He takes VERY detailed notes. The subject matter covered usually lacks depth. Or, if the subject runs counter to the teacher's personal philosophy, it isn't covered at all...no matter how relevant it is to the world outside NWRHS. I want my son prepared for college, graduate school and life. But I don't think NWRHS is up to the task.

Submitted by a parent

March 13, 2007

When my family and I moved to this state six years ago, I was told that NWR was between the top three schools academically. Now that my child has graduated, I can truthfully state that if NWR is between the top three, I pity the rest of the state. While there are some positive aspects to the school, there are more negative. Many of the teachers are also community college instructors. This should be a positive, but some of those teachers forget when they are back at the high school, they ARE teaching high schoolers, not college students. As for the band program, yes, plan to spend LOTS of money due to ZERO support. The band program must pay for the everything from bus drivers to chairs in the band hall. This fact is part of the reason why the band is so pitifully small; 100 marchers/5A school, pathetic!!!

Submitted by a parent

November 27, 2006

In some ways this school can offer excellent opportunities. On the other hand a large percentage of the teachers do not know or care about controlling and teaching a class. With the exception of a few Great teachers. The school is not a good environment for students who strive to be independent. The Parent involvement is extremely low. Do not attend this school if you plan to get a memorable education.

Submitted by a student

July 11, 2006

My daughter graduated from NWR and the quality of the academics was outstanding. She was very involved in sports and student government. Extracurricular activities are boundless. My son plays football there and the coaching is great. This is one of a very few Class 5 accredited schools in Mississippi. Class 5 is the highest academic rating. Ms Massey the principal is fantastic and very responsive to parental needs. Teachers are excellent and as far as politics go, kids are encouraged to think outside the box.

Submitted by a parent

April 22, 2005

I have four children that are/will be attending NWR. We are involved in all activities and my children are required to keep above a 90 average. I think the leadership at this school is great. The teachers we've had a good also. The high school is a much better place than the middle school as far as discipline.

Submitted by a parent

February 12, 2005

A word of caution. If your child has strong political beliefs that are in contrast with the teachers', do NOT send your child to this school. We were disappointed with NWR and their closed minded attitudes with the ONE exception of Coach Hinton.

Submitted by a parent

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